New Breed
5.5 x 7 inches (140 x 178 mm)
Perfect Bound
Soft Cover with Dust Jacket
Digital offset
40 pages
Edition of 100

Sold Out

Photographs, drawings and random ephemera are culled from a defunct (and sometimes imagined) military magazine archive to create New Breed, a manual for the bold adventurer in all of us.

"This photo scrapbook brings collected images of soldiers together with those of vintage pin-ups. The soldiers, actors or real, are usually sighting along the barrel of a gun or rocket launcher. The pin-up models are both subject to, and the sovereigns of this attention. Their duty as targets is only occasionally relieved by such icons of Islamic otherness as the Ayatollah Khomeini and a Palestinian hostage-taker of the Black September group. While this book structures itself by the old stories of the hetero male gaze and male violence that depressingly, still apply, perhaps most interesting is the fluctuating qualities of the gaze which the soldiers both elicit and are subject to as targets themselves. Some men methodically conduct the business of war, others strike hammy, testosterone-filled poses, or, finally, soldiers run anonymously along the beach, dark smudges themselves trying to survive violence and persevere in the fullness of life." - Printed Matter